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Many people make money by hard work, but some of them can easily give it away. What makes them risk their own money? Why do many players make big bets without being rich? It can be assumed that all online casino players suffer from gambling addiction. However, recent studies have shown that this is not true. The falsity of these judgments reflects the fact that any gambler can play , not betting real money. It seems strange, but many people like to see how virtual money comes into their account after some reels. Such money cannot be cashed, but the gameplay itself demonstrates that you can really warm up your hands on it.


Let's try to find out why people play for money. The results of numerous studies conducted by sociologists, psychologists and other scientists will help us in this. There are four common hypotheses that we will discuss below.



The possibility of quick enrichment is exactly one powerful thing that attract people to play for money. Therefore, many gambling establishments use annoying and even aggressive advertising. But this is logical, because it seems that you should go to the casino only for a win. Many casino games offer excellent opportunities to make a good profit in a short time without making almost any effort.


Playing online slots, you can make a combination which will allow you to place bets for money casino or even hit the jackpot. Roulette offers no less high chances of a big win. Of course, a high win amount corresponds to a low probability of winning. However, the value of this is not zero, so many players do not lose hope.


Many visitors to online casinos are overly optimistic. They forget that the casino has advantages, and also that only the will of chance decides what the outcome of the game round will be. So, they keep in mind information about the available wins, attractive bonuses and also the game statistics of the most successful gamblers.


Strangely enough, but many gamblers consider online casinos as the main source of income. In practice, not everyone gets a stable income from rotating of reels. So, it is a good reason to think about this at the moment when you are still playing just for fun.


Play for Loss


We know that you were surprised to read this. It seems that no one in their right mind will not make a bid, knowing it will lose. However, even this seemingly insane version has supporters among scientists. If you ask a casino employee, you can get the following answer: some players like to lose, so that they can recoup.


Almost every gambling establishment is visited by players who never win more money than they spend on bets. Ask yourself: do you prefer to win in the beginning of a session or to make a large number of spins, change a few gaming applications before you achieve the desired goal? The more effort you put in, the more joy brings victory. Scientists have conducted numerous studies, the results of which indicate that the players who had to win back the money received more pleasure.


Dopamine in our body is responsible for the feeling of satisfaction. Scientists have recorded an increased level of this substance in the body of those gamblers who played back the money put in for a long time. If you win at the beginning of the game, you will most likely not feel happy or satisfied enough.



Proponents of this theory claim that gambling lovers are attracted by a sense of uncertainty. When you watch the spinning reels you move away from the outside world, anticipating the result. At this point, there is an intense production of dopamine. It turns out that the outcome of the game round attracts you much more than the opportunity to get a cash prize. We get maximum pleasure from the game, in which the chances of winning and losing are equal. This means that most dopamine is produced during risk games, when you have to choose, for example, between red or black.


Another prerequisite for the success of any game is the presence of intrigue in the plot. If all events are predictable, players quickly lose their interest. Now you know why developers are constantly producing new slots.


Play for Fun


Gambling is one way of entertainment for many people. This means that many players are more attracted to the gameplay itself, and not the result of a game session. By carefully looking to the behavior of many visitors to gambling establishments, the validity of this hypothesis can be convinced. Many gamblers make too high bets, consciously risk in situations where it is not worth doing. Such a frivolous attitude to the game for real money can be explained by the desire to get pleasure from the gameplay only. Bright video slots with excellent animation, generous bonuses and loyalty points - all these things are used to ensure that players get maximum pleasure from the gameplay and do not feel the desire to leave the gambling establishment.




Perhaps, one of the above theories describes the reason for your particular addiction to casino games. In fact, many players like to play for several reasons at once, for example, for pleasure and victory. So, what motive is driven by you?

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