Millionaire Slot

Who doesn’t want to become a richly rich millionaire? If you stick to a firm ‘no’, then you would probably either have serious religious convictions against affluence or lead an ascetic lifestyle. In any event, abstinent monks do not play slot machines, so your answer must be close to ‘sure yes’. In truth, an individual might find multiple paths to get rich – set up a business, produce something potential or simply work hard, but this is not the message of this story. Ash Gaming offer a much more effortless and playful method to replenish money supplies in a slot game with progressive distribution where you can actually find your silver bullet and break the bank of countless coins. Besides, the title gives it all out – Who Wants To Be A Millionaire. As you gathered correctly, this is indeed a slot machine based on one of the most widespread TV shows around the whole globe whose classic audience counts 7 million viewers per episode. Well, Ash Gaming know where to get inspired.


What’s Inside


Millionaire Slot features a great variety of related elements to submerge gamblers into a close process of the original game: the reels are full of gaming characters like Question Marks, 50:50 Logos, Ask The Audience, Phone A Friend and so on. In reality, the whole paytable consists of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire’s attributes. However, this game show has become so popular with software manufacturers that while rummaging through catalogues, you might find dozens of same-looking slot machines, all offering a recognizable layout in blue neon colours. What makes Ash Gaming’s option more relatable? It is hard to judge. At least Millionaire Slot by Ash Gaming does not root abstract objects, and on the whole, the machine follows a one-stop structure without too much additionalities from afar.


Who Are These Fellas?


For some gamblers the top priority in choosing a right slot machine first and foremost is a right game studio. Whereas with titans like Betsoft, Net Entertainment and Playtech there are no questions of quality and trustworthiness, minor providers like Ash Gaming may be a bone of contention as this name does not appear too often in online casino libraries. Well, it does not mean they are deep down in the dark underground, but the problem is that Ash Gaming cannot be that easily come across like others. Let this fact not lead you off the great manufacturer with brilliant experience and years of excellence.


Reality check is that Ash Gaming have been operating for a formidable period of time – currently it is around 18 years. The provider is always in the front row of next-gen endorsers, and they always seek for creative planning. In fact, their game blueprint revolves around one simple, yet effective scheme: take something classic like a famous tale, think hard on the imaginative twist, add interactive features, wrap it all up. As a result, gamblers get a familiar layout with a relatable story and a completely new design. Millionaire Slot is, by the way, a bright example of how Ash Gaming make their gambling products.


Features We Deserve


A pivotal moment about Millionaire Slot is not actually in its visual structure closely resembling the TV game classic, but within its features and bonus elements. The machine has quite a solid fundament of features among which gamblers will find freespins with Shifting Wilds, amazing Jackpot Ladder with 15 questions standing between you and a real million, and Prize Pick powered with instant cash wins. Of course, Jackpot Ladder is the most exciting of them all as it is a genuine chance to take part in the original game.



So, you managed to collect three plus Progressive Jackpot Scatters. Then get ready to take a seat in front of all-star Chris Tarrant and answer his 15 tricky questions to obtain your million. Note that the number of Scatters matters a lot as this value determines your initial advance in the ladder. 3 Scatters give an x3 boost and so on. However, Ash Gaming decided not to embrace intellectual knowledgeability and instead introduce a random process where answers are chosen arbitrarily. You can withdraw funds whenever you like, though. Yet if you dare to climb up to 15th layer, you can utilize phoning a friend, removing two answers and asking the audience to progress forwards.


Spin And Shift


Catch other Scatters with Free Games and enter the flying space of free rounds where wins can get really wild due to special Shifting Wild feature. Classically, the number of Scatters influences the number of rounds given – 10, 15 and 20 spins can be rewarded for 3, 4, and 5 Bonus Scatters accordingly. In case a Wildcard come into view anywhere on the reels, it is going to bust a move and shift towards the first reel with each spin taken. There might be multiple Wilds at a time, so some dynamic action is surely promised. Regarding that Wilds get amassed, freespins cannot be reactivated, but that’s fair enough.


Pick Your Prize


Very basic, very interesting and very beneficial if one stands on a lucky path. Firstly catch three Prize Pick Scatters or more to trigger the feature and then get prepared to become a psychic. All Scatters will become frozen for a couple of moments and there will be your move to decide which one contains the most profitable prize. Once you click on a Scatter, the prize is revealed. Evidently, the more Scatters you land, the more odds are shifted towards your benefit.


Fifty Packed


You are going to walk through a standard set of five reels and three rows powered with a large number of win-lines – 50. Line are adjustable, do not worry much about high staking because you can go with 0.01 credits minimum, and in case you feel like betting a lot, Millionaire Slot provides the bet range up to 300 credits per round. Both low-rollers and tycoons find a comfortable bet to get through. Nevertheless, it is highly advised to flow with the closest to maximum bets as this directly affects chances at winning the main jackpot worth a million. The paytable seems quite ordinary: a few garbage symbols, some low-win icons, lavishly paying Wilds and high-win elements.


Take-Home Message


We believe that with the course of time some software developer would find courage to make a slot machine with actual ‘Who Wants To Be A Millionaire’ playthrough where gamblers would be answering questions and estimating their being smart or not. But for now we have Ash Gaming and their interpretation which, one has to admits, is a very authentic title with dynamic gameplay and luring jackpot. By and large, the game is just fun and entertaining, so do not skip it over.

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